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Slobodan Drvenica
Global Head of Analysis

Slobodan joined Windsor Brokers in 1995, having been an active trader for over a decade. At Windsor, he managed the trading desk and own account departments for 13 years. During the past ten years, he has been heading the analysis department and is responsible for preparing daily technical outlooks. In addition to this, he provides more in-depth analyses of forex, commodities and global market developments. Slobodan is frequently featured and quoted in various leading online financial publications.

Ali Nourani
Regional Head of Market Analysis

Ali, Regional Head of Market Analysis at Windsor Brokers, joined the company in 2015. With over 13 years’ experience in analyzing the financial markets, at Windsor, he specializes in technical and fundamental analysis. Ali’s articles are regularly featured in leading Iranian forex publications. Prior to joining Windsor Brokers, he taught at the Esfahan University and was an investment and money management consultant for various financial firms. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Karaj University.

Karim Magdy
Head of Arabic Analysis

Karim currently heads the Arabic Analysis department after joining Windsor Brokers in 2014. Having more than 12 years of experience as technical and fundamental analyst, he is responsible for the conduct of Arabic webinars, as well as the preparation of daily technical and fundamental analysis reports in Arabic. Karim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance & Commerce and a Master’s degree in Financial Management from the University of Cairo, and is a Certified Financial Technician (CFT).

Ahmed Elbasiony
Financial Analyst

Ahmed joined Windsor Brokers’ Arabic Research & Analysis department in 2016. Having more than three years of experience as technical and fundamental analyst, he assists in preparing the Arabic daily technical and fundamental analysis reports. Ahmed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance & Commerce from the University of Cairo.

Sarkis Tchoporyan
Head Market Analyst Jordan

Sarkis holds an impressive 19+ years of experience in the financial markets. He is accredited by the Jordan Securities Commission and holds a trainer certificate from the prestigious American Accreditation Council for Continuing Education ACCET. With expertise in technical, fundamental, and economic analysis, he is a respected authority in his field and a frequent guest on television and radio programs.

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