Ownership of Website and Legal background

Windsor Solutions Ltd  (“Windsor” or “Company”) is a registered European company and the “Website”, www.windsorbrokers.com, is owned and operated by Windsor Solutions Ltd, with all rights reserved. The product(s) and service(s) within, remains and is the sole property of the Windsor Group of Companies which offer investment services and activities to its clients since 1988.   All Intellectual Property within and arising from  the Website is owned by Windsor Group of Companies, and Windsor Group of Companies  reserves all rights therein. These terms and conditions are supplementary to any agreement(s)/document(s) the User signs with the  entities within the Windsor Group.

Windsor Brokers is a brand name of Windsor Brokers (BZ) Ltd, registration number 137,226, regulated and licensed by the International Financial Services Commission (“IFSC”), and a brand name for Seldon for Investments Ltd (Jordan) duly licensed and regulated by the Jordanian Securities Commission (“JSC”)

Access & Use of the Website & Disclaimer

By accessing and/or using the Website and the services and/or product(s) so offered, the User of the Website, agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions herein and arising from the use of the website, at any given time, in any given location and in accordance with the entity in which the User will proceed to open account(s) with. Windsor reserves the right to use its discretion to suspend, modify, amend and/or cancel any access to the Website, or any part thereof, including the products and/or services so offered through the Website. The Company may change the terms and conditions, information and/or materials within the Website, at any time and may without prior notice to the User and therefore it is for the User to stay up to date with all information and/or changes to the Website.

The User assumes the responsibility and obligation to ensure compliance with the laws, by-laws, regulations, directives if any, applicable in the User’s country of residence. The User of the Website will be held responsible for any unauthorized use of the Website and/or any illegal act(s) related to/arising from the Website.

The User understands and agrees, that the Website is not a solicitation to buy and/or is an offer to sell any product(s) and/or service(s), to any person(s) and/or entities, in any jurisdiction(s), where such product(s) and/or service(s) would be considered as unlawful/prohibited, under the laws of such specific jurisdiction(s). Therefore it is the User’s responsibility to comply with such law(s) in the respective jurisdiction(s), and in such cases the User will hold the Company and or any of the Group Companies harmless from any and all consequence(s), damage(s), and/or liabilities that may occur as a result and/or arising from such prohibition(s).

Trading in financial instruments can result in both losses as well as profits and the investment(s) can be lost. Before investing, the User must consider available resources, level of experience and risk(s) involved, and is free to obtain the advice from financial/tax/legal advisor(s), as the case may be. The entities within the Group of Companies may have restrictions  where such entities does not offer and/or sell its product(s) and/or service(s) to citizens and/or residents of the United States of America, Belize and the Member States of the European Union as the case may be and this will be evident during the onboarding process.

The Company does not guarantee that access to the Website and/or any of the product(s) and/or service(s) will be available at all times, or in any jurisdiction at any specific time. The Company will not be held liable for any consequential, incidental, special, punitive, or exemplary damage(s) of whatsoever nature, arising out of any use and/or inability to use the Website and/or any of the product(s) and/or service(s), nor will the Company be held liable to the User for any lost profits, trading losses, damages that may result from use and/or loss of use of the Website and/or third party content, any inconvenience and/or delay, including any loss resulting from a cause over which Company has no control over, including failure of communication lines. By using the Website, the User agrees to indemnify and hold the Company, entities of the Group of Companies, and/or third party providers (if any), harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees) arising from the use of the Website, and/or any violation of the terms and conditions.

Insider trading and/or any other form of market abuse is strictly prohibited and any such act(s) will justify the immediate suspension of the activities. The Company reserves the right to report such activities to relevant authorities and disclose relevant information regarding such act(s) and/or regarding any suspicious and/or abusive use of the Website, service(s), product(s) and/or any platform(s) provided through the Website.

Data and Confidentiality

Data provided via the Website is intended only for informational and private use purposes. The User may obtain the advice of independent investment, financial, legal and tax advisors, if desired, before proceeding with an investment. All information provided via the Website should not be read, interpreted or construed as providing any investment advice and/or solicitation by the Company nor any of the entities within the Group of Companies, its Employees, Officers, Directors, Affiliates, Agents, Service Provider(s) and/or Licensor(s). This Website does not take into consideration any investment goals, financial situation and/or specific requirement(s) of any User. Any person and/or entity should carefully consider their financial circumstances prior to entering into any transaction(s), investment(s) and/or Agreement(s).

The User understands and consents to the storage and processing of data in accordance with the applicable laws, and that the Company treats this data with the strictest confidentiality unless required to be disclosed by the supervisory bodies, competent authorities, court order, legal request/legal obligation subjecting the Company or the entities within the Group of Companies, to make such disclosure.

The User is responsible and assumes all risk(s) associated with the use of and storage of information on User’s electronic device(s) where through access and use of the Website is made.

It is the User’s responsibility to keep any account numbers and/or passwords and/or logins confidential at all times. User authorizes the Company and entities within the Group of Companies to act in good faith on any instruction(s) received from the authorized email address.


The Company may use “Cookies”, which are minute files containing information that websites use to track visitors of the Website. The Company measures the activity of the Website through the use of “Cookies”. The Company may access Cookies on the User’s Computer in order to obtain information related to which website, banners and/or advertisements guided the User to the Company’s Website. Details transmitted through Cookies shall not be used for any direct promotional and/or marketing purposes without the User’s Prior Consent.

Payment and Safety of Funds

The User is bound by any of the agreement(s) signed, and in turn agrees and accepts to the online payment methods offered by the Company and the entities within the Group of Companies.  Deposits and Withdrawals of Funds are executed as per the agreement(s) entered into by the User and the relevant entity within the Group of Companies.. Withdrawals of funds are affected only upon the reception and approval of such request(s) by the entity and in accordance with the time frame, if any, of the payment provider(s).

The Group of Companies, deals with several first-class banks and client funds are held in segregated accounts, ensuring the continued safety of funds.

WB GLOBAL LTD is the EU registered company facilitating payment services to the Group of Company as the case may be. Moreover, for all payments related to the Paysafe Group, payment services will be facilitated by Windsor Brokers (BZ) Ltd and Windsor Brokers Ltd with their respective service regions.

Linked Sites and Limitation of Liability

Access to the Website is provided on a “non-exclusive”, “non-transferable” basis and is in compliance with the terms and conditions, in addition to any other agreement(s) signed by the User. The Website may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites, and as such, the Company nor the Group of Companies,  shall not be held accountable for the content and/or accuracy of information of any of those websites, and as such the Company does not endorse the contents within such websites. The Website of the Company is provided to the User on an “AS IS” and/or “AS AVAILABLE” basis. The Company  nor the Group of Companies does not provide any warranties and/or guarantees of any kind.

The Company, including its Employees, Officers, Directors, Affiliates, Agents, Service Provider(s) and Licensor(s), does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, completeness of the information, products and/or services within the Website, and expressly disclaims liability for any errors, interruptions, losses, damages, or inaccuracies in the information, products and/or services provided through the Website.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The access and use of the Website, is governed by the laws of Cyprus and the User submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Cypriot Court or any of the applicable Court and/or Laws of any of the group entities registered in any other jurisdiction as the case may be or where the cause of action arose/may arise.

Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the User may not make commercial use of the contents of the Website and/or include the contents of the Website in or with any other product(s) and/or service(s)that is created and/or distributed by the User, and the User may not copy, redistribute, modify, the contents of the Website to the User’s own and/or another User’s Website, without obtaining the prior written permission from the Company.

In the event that any term or condition is deemed invalid or unenforceable, such term or condition will be declared invalid and excluded, however, the remaining provisions will remain with the full force and effect. The User may contact the Company in order to lodge a formal complaint as per the details displayed on the Website, such complaint should be lodged within a reasonable time, and the Company undertakes to investigate such complaint and revert to the User with a decision.

Any translation(s) of the contents of the Website including product(s) and/or service(s) provided through the Website is made as a goodwill for the convenience of the Users. In the event of a dispute between the various language versions, the “English Version” of the Website shall prevail.