Windsor Brokers Organizes a Donation Drive for Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria

Countless bags were collected on Monday morning at Windsor Broker headquarters in Limassol. Many more will be gathered throughout this week before they are shipped to their final destination in Turkey and Syria with the help of the Limassol Municipality in collaboration with the EU Civil Protection, Red Cross and Red Crescent.

The two countries have been struck by devastating earthquakes that have claimed thousands of lives and wounded many more. Aid is coming from all over the world as people come together to provide relief and support in the affected areas.

Our team has come together once again, donating bags of dry foods, blankets, winter clothes, shoes, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and nappies for children and adults.

The company will also be making a substantial financial contribution on behalf of the Windsor Team. We hope that our efforts and financial contributions provide effective assistance and inspire others to help as well.