MT4 Product Outline

*The Company’s default margin requirements are as per the Dynamic Leverage page , which may be adjusted subject to the underlined market conditions. Notifications of any such adjustments will be sent via the MT4 platform.

These Product Outlines should be read in conjunction with the Trading Conditions.

Swap/Rollover charges are incurred when a trade is kept open overnight. Values can be found within the Platform and by clicking here.

Forward dates are set by the Company.

Please note the expiry date & time of certain contracts are subject to change in relation to Liquidity Providers.

The Company, whenever possible, will update any changes on affected contracts on its website. In some cases, this might not be possible due to short notice from Liquidity Providers.

Commission charges may be applicable on certain instruments which can be viewed on the Client’s Portal and/or Online Trading Platform. Spreads applied can be viewed through Online Trading Platform.

Minimum/maximum transaction size may differ; please refer to the trading platform.

Please note max leverage is 1:400 for clients under Windsor Markets (Kenya) Limited.

For more information, please refer to our MT4 Dynamic Leverage page.

UTC+3 summer time; UTC+2 winter time