Windsor Brokers announces record-high results for 2020 despite COVID-19 pandemic.

Windsor Brokers has announced that operations were highly successful according to 2020 financial results, despite the COVID pandemic. 

The Company announced a successful year 2020 based on several increases in KPIs compared to the previous year;

  • +68% in volume
  • +148% in newly funded accounts
  • +65% in deposits
  • +120% in total active accounts

All whilst business operations were conducted remotely.   

“Thanks to our risk management and internal policies, operations proceeded as usual without any interruptions, and better yet, bringing exceptional results for the year 2020. The past year has been challenging for the entire world economy, however thanks to our competitive trading products and conditions, in-depth technical outlooks and our strong team, investors were able to distinguish professionalism and now trust us even more. This builds an even stronger bond between us, our clients and business partners.  We are expecting continuous growth and expansion and upcoming products and services for investors in 2021”, said Windsor Brokers Director of Global Operations, Andreas Kontos.

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